The Surface of an Epoxy Floor is Tough, Durable and Rigid…! Therefore Well Suited for a Numerous Uses

Epoxy coatings are actually used on a wide variety of surfaces, not just concrete floors. The most common reason to use such a coating is to create a surface that’s resistant to water, acids, and alkali. There are two parts to any epoxy coating formula – the hardener and the resin. The proper balance of these two components within the mix depends on the type of performance desired.

Concrete Epoxy Floor Coating creates a surface so hard-wearing and chemical resistant that it can be used even in the most demanding environments. Due to the hardness of the resulting surface, such a coating should never be applied to wood floors.

Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floor coating can be a wide variety of colors, making it easy to designate various work zones by the color of the floor while simultaneously providing the type of floor that’s tough enough to withstand the work done in all of the different zones.

An industrial epoxy floor reduces wear on transport vehicles such as forklifts, potentially saving warehouses and factories a lot of money while allowing materials to be moved around faster.

For those seeking a flooring material that’s both durable and environmentally friendly, epoxy concrete floor coating fits the bill.

When time is of the essence, epoxy floor coating is great because it can be quickly applied; producing beautiful, lasting results while reducing downtime.

The impressively durable surface created by the epoxy coating lasts for many years, making this type of flooring system highly cost effective. Maintenance costs are also very low, allowing you to save much more than you would with most other types of floors.

The epoxy coating can be used to create a floor that not only helps prevent slips and falls, but is also heat, fire, and impact resistant, protecting both people and property.

Epoxy concrete floor coating not only provides great performance, but also great beauty. The number of colors and styles available are endless, and the epoxy coating can be set to a variety of sheen levels. The result is a floor that’s as visually appealing as it is durable.

One of the biggest advantages by utilizing epoxy floor coating is to incorporate your cove base into the floor seamlessly making cleaning an ease in addition to protecting your sheet-rock from water intrusion and physical damage.

Ability to Repair Damaged and Uneven Floors

A high build epoxy floor coating can fill small voids and spills and help to level a floor without having to jackhammer the floor out and replace it.

Give us a call on 814-335-9305 or an email at if you would like to collaborate with us on your next epoxy flooring project. We approach to your work location and fix the flooring problems within few hours and quick return service is provided keeping in view of your office work and we don’t want to waste your time. Feel free to browse our website to view successful projects


Epoxy Floor Coatings are High Resistance to Both Commercial and Residential Floors

Epoxy Floor Coatings PA

A New Flooring Technique to Approach Strong & Attractive Floor is with Epoxy

Epoxy alludes to a framework that is comprised of two primary parts, resins and hardeners. The gum and hardener is combined where they artificially respond to shape an inflexible plastic material that is solid, impervious to debasement and that security amazingly well to its substrate. Epoxy floors are strong to the point that they can be utilized as a part of even the most requesting of mechanical situations. We specialize in providing concrete coatings including garage floor coatings, garage floor repair, Epoxy Floor Coatings and concrete floor discoloration services.

Epoxy Floor Coating system is intended to offer an extremely practical answer for your business, school, church, group or home. We utilize the most recent innovation to give earth benevolent coatings that outflank unsafe coatings at an extensive investment funds over hardwood flooring, tile and covering. Epoxy Floor Coating gives a lovely complete numerous innovative alternatives that will search extraordinary for a long time. Rhino Flooring of St Marys will give an individual assessment of your task to safeguard a fruitful floor establishment.

Epoxy flooring for commercial and residential spaces – a flexible and intense flooring surface that will stand the test of time. We consider every contingency and have the experience to assist you with discovering the right arrangement.

It is a flooring surface that is comprised of various layers of epoxy that is connected to the floor to a profundity of no less than two millimeters. The distinction between an epoxy floor and an epoxy floor coating lies in the epoxy’s profundity. As expressed, an epoxy floor must be no less than two millimeters thick. Any epoxy floor that is under two millimeters thick is best alluded to as an epoxy floor coating. We provide durable and beautiful epoxy floor coatings in Pennsylvania at affordable cost.

Epoxy floor completions have a smooth and consistent surface making it a perfect flooring framework in high activity, stimulation and work regions. Epoxy flooring can be utilized on carports, front rooms, household and commercial kitchens, uproar rooms, outdoors territories, dens, laundries, eateries, strip malls, workshops, exercise center and workplaces.

Household and commercial garage and kitchen floors are advantage from the water, synthetic and oil safe properties of epoxy flooring, while the consistent surface is hygienic and simple to keep up. To add an individual touch to your Epoxy flooring, shading tints, multi-shading chips, and sparkle can be added to make a modified floor to suit any style.

Epoxy Floor Coatings PA introduced by Rhino Flooring of St Marys are so strong; they will confront the most requesting modern situations while securing office surfaces, production line apparatus and staff from wear, chemicals, UV light, moisture, accidents and more.

Decorative Concrete Coatings in Pennsylvania – Rhino Flooring of St Marys

Decorative Concrete Coatings Pennsylvania

Is it true that you are tired of plain, old, aged dull concrete garage or floors? Do you observe oil stains, mold or cracks in your current walkways, yards, carports, patio or pool decks? Concrete coatings are not simply being utilized for mechanical purposes any more. They are developing sought after among numerous business property proprietors and mortgage holders, also. It is less demanding to comprehend this developing pattern when you consider the numerous outline potential outcomes that accompany utilizing epoxy concrete coatings and other decorative concrete coatings and supplies.

We can change those current issues in practical methodology! Get Decorative Concrete Coatings in Pennsylvania and repairs to your current concrete floors without the cost of tearing out and supplanting you’re concrete.

At last, we give lovely and tough concrete completion. We consolidate the quality of cements with the durability and holding force of Latex and additionally acrylics. A penetrating sealer is connected to give magnificent toughness, climate and UV resistance to guarantee a durable item life. Our coatings systems intended to enhance new or old concrete with assurance of solid, durable Decorative Concrete Coatings PA.

Choose your own desired designs, through a wide mixed bag of accessible custom colors, styles, and textures for application. We have had a considerable measure of clients composed their walkways, garages parking spaces, swimming pools, porches, steps, washrooms, statues, industrial, business floors, residential floors, retaining walls and also giving rubber stone flooring services in and surroundings throughout the Pennsylvania state.

Our flooring specialists in PA give decorative concrete coating that let you improve basically any concrete surface at a small amount of the expense of replacement. Not to worry…! We come to your work area and fix the issue in couple of hours Call on: 814-335-9305 and one day return services accessible. Private, Commercial and Industrial structures, inside or outside flooring services are accessible. Rhino Flooring of St Marys is a leading decorative concrete coatings company in Pennsylvania.

Decorative and utilitarian concrete fixings can change both new and old floors. Chemical and cement-based coating alternatives exist to satisfy most any configuration or basic prerequisite.

We make your floors decorative to a wide range of Concrete Coatings like Epoxy Coatings, Urethanes, Solvent Based Sealers and Water-based Acrylics which have numerous application particular advantages. At the point when utilized on indoor or open air concrete floors they can give assurance and life span. Chemical coatings additionally have numerous decorative and building employments. Coating applications range from the fundamental shading of garage or stockroom floors to giving smooth, polished and lively completes for contemporary habitations or showrooms.

Re-fixing of Decorative Concrete Coatings in PA can restore them to their unique excellence. Our decorative concrete coatings are consistent, non-porous, and simple to clean and keep up. From configuration patterns to color decision and quality application, we can give an interesting, stand-out search for your concrete and flooring surfaces.

Garage floor repairs

We are leading and well established company supplying and installing industrial epoxy floor coating. Our epoxy is a tough, long-lasting coating that you paint onto the concrete. It resists grease, oil and many other substances that would damage ordinary paint.

We offer attractive and shiny concrete coatings at affordable cost .Our projects range from housing and business interiors and exteriors floor coatings to beautiful stamped surfaces for resorts, estates, golf clubs, and specialty stores with a premise. It’s amazing to take boring old concrete coating and turn it into something beautiful – giving you results that boost your surroundings.

A common yet problem with polished concrete floors are splotchy color variances in the finished result. Factors that bring on concrete floor discoloration could be a result of various phases of the concrete floor creation: pouring, troweling, and curing the concrete. For this cause, to decide the cause of the discoloration of the concrete floor could be hard.

We work on daily basis for garage floor repairs. We repair cracked and chipped concrete surfaces. Typically with a garage floor there are three types of repairs that are surface cracks, pitting, and spalling. We offer various types of flooring designs to garage floors that are to be getting repaired.

Installing epoxy floor coating in a garage or industrial space is always an excellent choice. No other type of concrete coating can beat our epoxy in terms of appearance. The elegant, shiny surface can impress houseguests and clients alike. Our epoxy floor coating in Pennsylvania provides wonderful protection for concrete floors. Once installed, our epoxy coating can take substantial punishment over a period of many years.

We offer attractive and shiny concrete coatings at affordable cost. We offer beautiful, artful, original concrete, decorative concrete coatings have just what you are looking for. It is amazing to take boring old concrete and turn it into something colorful and giving you results that enhance your surroundings.

We provide concrete crack repair services. Our services are specifically designed to provide quick installation and long-term durability for everything from highways and bridges to parking decks and driveways. Our services are safer because repairs are quicker, reducing exposure to weather, and they are odorless and vapor less.

Whether your garage floor has a light or heavy build up of grease and oil, Rhino floor’s can tackle any job with no more heavy odours. It’s easy to mix and use or just sprinkle it on the floor. We provide best garage floor repair services. Our service includes high resistance garage floor coatings at affordable cost.

Epoxy Floor Coating Services

A garage floor must be long-lasting adequate to handle the weight of at least one motor vehicle. If you want your garage flooring to be able to hold this weight while also displaying your qualities, our epoxy floor coating is the option for you. Through concrete resurfacing you can have a really complex driveway or garage floor that sports your name. Your epoxy flooring design is limited only by your thoughts, so be innovative and achieve the critical garage floor coating.

If your concrete floors are unguarded, you risk having them unreasonably stained or damaged. Having Rhino’s epoxy floor coating is a smart choice; not only is it stain resistant and easy to clean, but also it is rather pleasing to look at.

Rhino’s floor coating is easy to install. It can be done by most flooring contractors or motivated do-it-yourselves, just follow the simple directions. Our epoxy floor coating specifically formulated to meet the high demands of many applications.

It is first important to make a decision of your underground room. If you will be using the space primarily as storage area, then you may want to consider an epoxy floor coating for the space. Not only is this a budget-friendly option for improving the appearance of your underground room, but our epoxy floor coating comes in a multitude of colors and designs. This allows for a multifunctional space that is opposing to spills and messes that are common in underground rooms.

Your commercial or industrial facility deserves great looking, durable flooring only with our Rhino’s epoxy floor coating. We specialize in unspoiled floor installation, decorative epoxy coating systems, and flake systems. Our Mission is that we strive to provide unparalleled epoxy floor coating and customer satisfaction. We only use high-quality epoxies to ensure that every floor we install stands the test of time.

Epoxy Floor Coatings –

Epoxy floor coating help to offer a property a great look as well as much required strength and durability on the floors.

Qualities and employs of epoxy floor coatings:

Epoxy floors coatings are by and large applied as a part of territories of sector where merchandise are booked in particular spaces, for example , development lines, distribution centers, putting bayous, and where compressive burdens are created by the progress products on trucks, bed frames and so forth.

Epoxy floor coatings are slide resistance. Pedestrian movement parts oblige changing degrees of fall resistance, reliant on perhaps the earth is wet or even dry.

Flames getaway courses, unstable design and capacity zones, metro auto park decks.

Pharmaceutical, restorative, sustenance, take in, concoction and gadgets business oriented enterprises have exceptionally asking clean necessities. These businesses routinely require thoroughly clean free along with effortlessly cleanable floors, without cracks or calculated crevices. Epoxy floor coatings are super easy to clean and maintain.

Epoxy floor coatings give an impermeable close up to secure both the concrete floor and the fundamental ground normal water from the spillage of water toxins, which are likewise by artificial means destructive, as those received from metal handling, stirring, nutriment preparing. They are resistant to compound attack on the floor by specific and consolidated chemicals plus the blended impacts and link between any chemical responses.

Pursuits, like autoclaving, cooking, being a disinfectant or impact solidifying has finished by great temperatures or perhaps amazing varieties of temperature.

We provide Epoxy Floor Coatings & Water Based Epoxy Clear dries rapidly, and is normally tidy free inside 60 – 90 minutes and is commonly connected as a standalone sealer. Water Based Epoxy Clear contains an extraordinary “polish dry” (clean free) cure permitting it to be re-coated rapidly. It has a long living up to expectations time (2 – 3 hrs) which permits vast clusters to be blended. The material cleans up effortlessly with cleanser and water from hands to tools.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy floor coatings are significantly supported by an expansive part of the house and business visionaries because of it strength. Epoxy is a substance that is joined on the floor at a thickness of 3-4 inches. The epoxy floor is sans left for couple of hours to dry, later it is cleaned until it gets shimmering. Rhino Flooring of St Mary’s with a gathering of exceedingly qualified and experienced flooring authorities giving epoxy floor coating at moderate cost.

We deal with you and look at the floors to make it delightful and alluring. We are here with numerous shading and surfaces a choice to the customer pick their fancied arrangements. Epoxy floor coatings are adequately strong that continue going long for a long time.

An Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating is a liquid pitch joined with a cementing land specialists, associated in a blended pack of thicknesses above new or existing significant to make suitable flooring outside. The pitch is either clear or carefully shaded, and has no fragrance. We watch epoxy floor coatings in the garage as they are definitely not hard to clean and keep up.

A garage spot is stacked with soil and oil making surged while they (laborer) fell uneasy happening deferment in their work. Epoxy Floor Coating is successfully washed and wiped quickly as it is smooth and sensitive.

Back to epoxy floor coating application: Epoxy is mixed with the hardener, a substance reaction begins that progressions the tar into an in number, plastic-like floor. While it is hardening, epoxy is enormously covered, so it steadfastly bonds to the base surface notwithstanding the edges of any surfaces. In the wake of cementing, the smooth floor gets the chance to be strong, solid and falsely safe.

Epoxy floor coatings are mechanical shown system to give new life to the dull and soil concrete coatings. We offer epoxy floor coatings at one day present and smart return organization is given. Our customers all over all through the state satisfied and are involved with our organization including the Pennsylvania state. Both business and private floor can be joined with epoxy floor coatings.

Get preferences of Concrete Coatings from Rhino Flooring of St Mary’s:

  • Enhance the vicinity of working environment, eye-getting to customers and delegates
  • Best repairing organization offered from unsafe openings and breaks
  • Concrete coatings from our end are definitely not hard to clean and keep up, helping you in saving little pounds
  • Seals concrete, wiping out microorganisms and waste from social occasion in pores or breaks
  • Gives slip safe surface which helpers shed accidental injuries
  • Delays the organization life of the workplace
  • Best of all organization suppliers

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